About Brittany

California Licensed Esthetician & Business Coach

Brittany Hagemann left the corporate world in 2015 to go after a passion of hers - skincare and makeup. She started esthetician school in January 2016 and started learning how to do professional makeup.

After she graduated and got her esthetician license, she started working as a makeup artist for weddings and doing facials for a small esthetician business.

After a year of doing facials, Brittany realized she wanted to focus on acne and decided to open her own acne business, BLH Beauty in San Diego, CA. In her fist full year in business, she did 62k in revenue. Her second full year in business she did 112k in revenue, over 42k of that revenue in products.

In 2020 she had her first child and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brittany realized so many estheticians were working so hard and not making money and wanted to help change that culture. Brittany decided to start her own esthetician coaching business to teach other estheticians to make money while helping others.

Brittany currently lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter. 

The Esthetician Coach's Core Values:

  • Inclusivity: I accept everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or disabilities. I strive to be an ally of the POC and LGBTQ+ communities. I am pro personal autonomy and pro choice.
  • Empathy: I work to have empathy for all of my clients and their clients.┬á
  • Curiosity:┬áI use curiosity┬áto solve problems instead of┬árelying on assumptions┬á

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