My name is Brittany and I'm so happy you're here! If you are a solo Esthetician business owner, you are in the right place.

I help you:

  • To make 100k in Revenue a year working 20 hours a week on clients
  • Create boundaries with clients that keep clients happy and give you your life back again
  • Create sustainable systems to automate more of your business so you aren't working 24/7
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Meet Brittany

Brittany Hagemann owned BLH Beauty in San Diego where she specialized in acne. In her second full year as a business owner, her business boomed - bringing in over $100k in revenue. She created systems, policies and a program that helped her clients be successful at controlling their acne without working 24/7. During COVID, she moved to Northern California and had a baby(!) As a small business owner, she realized that there are very few resources for Esthetician Business owners and decided that she wanted to create a community where Estheticians can learn business skills that will elevate their business, learn how to systemize their business so they aren't always working, and set up their businesses to have happy, loyal and compliant clients. Brittany loves tea, chocolate chip cookies, true crime and reading. When not working with teaching Estheticians, she's with her husband Nick, and their daughter.


Learn how to create (and hold!) boundaries with your clients so you get paid for your time and aren't working 24/7.

Time Management

Managing your time while running a small business can be a huge challenge. Learn a systematic approach to complete your tasks and get ahead of your to do list. 

Make 100k in Your Business - While Working Less Than 20 Hours a Week!

The 3 Step Formula to Earning 100k in Revenue. No, you don't have to work 24/7 to make 100k in your business. You can easily make 100k in Revenue working less than 20 hours a week while still providing incredible results to your clients. Are You Ready to Dive in?

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"Brittany has helped me more than I could ever have imagined and I feel less overwhelmed!"

Naomi Mundy
Acne Specialist Business Owner

""A total transformation. I've been following Brittany, The Esthetician Coach, since 2019, right around the time I became an acne specialist. Whenever I watched one of her videos or read a post, they would leave me feeling inspired as I built my acne practice. Fast forward to 2021, when Brittany started her podcast, Estheticians Earning More, I was instantly hooked. Each episode resonated with what I was struggling with or dealing with in my biz at the time. They really kept me pushing forward. Well in 2022, I finally hit a wall where it felt like I couldn't move forward with my business mentally or physically. It was complete burnout. I knew just who to call. I booked a consultation call with Brittany, and at that moment, I knew that her 90 Days to a Burnout Free Business program was just what I needed. For the next 90 days, Brittany and I worked closely together while I was dealing with personal things that were taking a big toll on my mental health and how I felt about my business. Brittany helped me rewire my brain and get back on track to loving my career and business and feeling inspired again. Brittany is so compassionate and understanding that working with her made doing the hard work much more attainable than doing it alone. I've never loved my business more. Thank you for everything, Brittany!""

Autumn Hodak
Owner of Autumn the Acne Coach

""Brittany was so incredibly relatable and knowledgeable when it came to growing an acne business. I’ve been an aesthetician for over 15 years and wanted to really niche my business in acne but I was unsure about how to do that successfully. Her coaching has helped me realize my potential to grow my business, and set up a model for how to scale it in a way that allows me to still enjoy being in the treatment room. Every week was filled with thoughtful topics that related to struggles I was experiencing. Those 8 weeks have really propelled me to believe in myself more. By week 7 I took the leap and renting a new bigger space with plans to really take my business to the next level. And it’s thanks to everything I learned from Brittany’s Confident Acne Specialist Program!""

Cecia Ferrin
Owner of CC Skin Studio

""Brittany has a way with her words. Everything she said during our meetings clicked instantly. That’s what really stuck with me during the program. Just listening to our videos again reminded me how much I need to believe in myself and put in the work. Everything she mentioned from client boundaries to believing in ourselves has changed how I view my business and myself. Brittany’s words made a difference for me. Very real and very motivating. I loved hearing from other seasoned estheticians. I think having a lot of input from others has guided me towards betting myself and my business.Thank you Brittany for everything! Thank you for teaching me new things and teaching me to believe in my skills!""

Nyra Gill
Owner of Skinn Esthetics

Weekly Podcast:

Estheticians Earning More

Topics include:

how to make money & help others

business mindset

business systems

client management

and much more!


Estheticians Earning More

I’ve also created a Facebook Group - Estheticians Earning More - it’s for women business owners who want to expand their business and are willing to be vulnerable and open about their challenges.


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