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Uncategorized May 06, 2024

In today's episode, I talk to Olivia Murray who owns her own Esthetician business in Tempe Arizona.

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She focuses on acne treatment and is located near the university
Olivia started her career in cosmetology but realized she didn't love it
She attended a trade school called EVIT and became an aesthetician
Olivia shares her journey from high school to becoming a skincare specialist Attending esthetician school can provide valuable skills in the beauty industry.
Working in the beauty industry requires continuous learning and staying updated on new techniques and treatments.
Acne is a common skin concern that many people experience.
There are various skin concerns beyond acne, such as pigmentation and aging skin.
Waxing is a popular service in the beauty industry. Work experiences can vary greatly depending on the management and overall environment
External factors like COVID can significantly impact work situations
Dealing with difficult customers can be challenging
Believing in the products or services being sold can affect sales performance Working in a salon can be challenging, especially when it comes to asking clients if they want additional services.
There is pressure to make more money and find ways to increase earnings.
Salon professionals often have limited control over their schedules and may have to work long hours.
Making clients happy and building relationships is crucial for success in the salon industry.
Despite the challenges, working in a salon can be a valuable learning experience. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on employment, with many people experiencing pay reductions and lack of support from their employers.
The lack of maternity leave provided by some companies can be a major challenge for working mothers.
Starting a business can be a way to take control of your career and create the work environment you desire.
It's important to prioritize your own happiness and well-being in your career decisions. Opening your own business can bring significant changes
Competing with previous owners can be challenging
Building your own client base is crucial
Maintaining open communication with clients is important Starting a business can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding.
Having realistic expectations is important when starting a business.
The initial appearance of your business space can impact client perception.
Client acquisition can be a struggle in the beginning, but it gets easier with time and experience. Room decor can have a significant impact on clients and their overall experience.
Investing in a beautiful space may not be feasible for new business owners with limited funds.
Providing excellent service and connecting with clients is more important than having a visually appealing room.
Support from friends and family can be crucial in the early stages of a business. Having enough savings can provide a cushion when starting a business
Saving money from each paycheck can help build up savings
Not saving money can be challenging, especially if you're used to building up savings
Working in a salon at a young age can introduce you to the beauty industry In the beauty industry, it is possible to make more than minimum wage with hard work and dedication.
Saving and spending money responsibly is important for financial stability.
Building a clientele in the beauty industry can be achieved through social media marketing, including regular posting and engaging with potential clients.
Word of mouth referrals are valuable and can help attract new clients. Cutting back on personal expenses can free up funds to invest in your business.
Making strategic financial decisions, such as downsizing living arrangements, can reduce overhead costs.
Living within your means is crucial when starting a business.
Being smart with money and cutting unnecessary expenses can help you achieve financial stability while pursuing your entrepreneurial goals. Starting a business in the beauty industry requires practice and gaining experience
Creating your own space allows you to design the environment you want
Learning about different skin conditions is essential for providing effective facials
Feeling confident and proud of your work leads to greater happiness and success Practicing and learning from others is crucial for providing the best experience for clients.
Using specialized skincare products can attract and retain customers with specific skin concerns.
Focusing on effective and gentle treatments can lead to a successful business.
Specializing in a specific area, such as facials for sensitive skin, can set you apart from competitors. Specializing in a specific area can set you apart and attract clients
There is a lack of knowledge about acne, even among professionals
Helping people with acne can be rewarding
Continuing education and personal growth are important in any profession
Targeted marketing can attract the right clients Don't be afraid to invest in yourself and seek coaching
Podcasts can be a great way to get to know someone and their expertise
Take the leap and sign up for coaching even if you haven't spoken to the coach before Business people benefit from having coaches
Learning from others who hold you accountable is valuable
Investing in coaching can lead to growth and better results
Trusting the process and seeking help is important Many estheticians struggle with the balance between making money and doing what they love.
Taking on services or clients that don't align with their passions and values can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction.
Estheticians should focus on building programs and services that align with their passions and values.
By doing what they love, estheticians can make more money and serve their clients in a more impactful way.
This approach brings in more income and makes the work more enjoyable and fulfilling. Creating programs and outlines can make things easier for clients
Structure and organization are important for client success
Having a clear and organized approach helps clients achieve their goals Journaling and examining limiting beliefs can help overcome challenges in selling high-priced skincare products.
Understanding the amount of money people are willing to spend on beauty products is crucial for effective communication.
Creating programs and offering products that align with customers' skincare goals and values can lead to more ideal clients.
Selling skincare products requires a commitment to taking it seriously and aligning with the needs and desires of potential customers. Consumers have different preferences and priorities when it comes to skincare products
Confidence plays a crucial role in selling products
Understanding different market segments and tailoring products to their needs is important
Believing in the product is essential for successful selling Even with personal challenges and distractions, it's possible to achieve financial growth in your business.
Consistency and applying strategies consistently are key to seeing results.
Balancing personal commitments and work is important for long-term success.
Tracking and analyzing income can help identify patterns and areas for improvement. Starting a new business can be challenging, but perseverance is key to success.
Hard work and motivation are essential for growing a business.
Talking about your business and not giving up are important strategies for success. Investing in high-quality services can lead to better results and a more serious commitment from clients.
Building a connection with clients through listening and trust is crucial for success.
Marketing and promoting services require trial-and-error to find the most effective strategies.
Being open to learning and adapting is key to growing a business. Explaining complex concepts in a simple way can be challenging
Being open to correction and willing to learn can lead to success
Direct communication can be effective in working together
Not taking things personally can contribute to a positive working relationship Separating emotions from business decisions is crucial for success
Seeking guidance and feedback can help improve and handle situations differently
Putting oneself out there can be scary, but it is necessary for growth
Expressing gratitude and appreciation can strengthen relationships Express gratitude for the help and support you receive
Consistency in posting content is key
Persevere and figure things out to achieve success
Be willing to change and evolve over time Tracking numbers and setting financial goals are crucial for small business success
Staying positive and persevering through challenges is key
Continuously raising the bar leads to more success
Don't give up on your goals and keep pushing forward

Brittany Hagemann (00:01.202)
Okay, I think that's good. Okay, so let me think about this. Do you want me to call you Olivia or Liv?

Olivia Murray (00:10.825)
Oh, either one. I don't have a preference.

Brittany Hagemann (00:13.594)
Okay. And then if you mess up, don't worry, I can always edit it. So it's not like this is it.

Olivia Murray (00:15.035)
Whatever you feel like calling me.

Brittany Hagemann (00:24.106)
I just sprayed tea everywhere. Oh my God. Okay. Okay, one sec. Let me get my bearings. Okay. Hi Liv. Thanks so much for being here.

Olivia Murray (00:31.191)

Olivia Murray (00:36.857)
Yes, thank you for having me. I'm really excited about this. And I feel like it's like my first real podcast. So thank you for having me.

Brittany Hagemann (00:43.35)
Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to have you. So tell everyone a little bit about yourself before we go into your full story. So just like where you are and what you do.

Olivia Murray (00:52.953)
So I do skincare and waxing. I focus on acne. I'm located in Tempe, Arizona, pretty close to the university out here. I'm off like baseline and mill in a cute little 12 by 11 room. So it's just me in there as of right now and it's perfect. I'm super happy where I'm at.

Brittany Hagemann (01:13.83)
Yeah, you're doing so good in your business. We'll talk fully about how your business has grown over the past few years, but tell us your story. So tell us, when you got out of high school, was that being an ascetician the first thing that you did? Is it what you wanted to do? Tell us kind of the origin of your story.

Olivia Murray (01:33.933)
So I graduated high school as a junior and my parents were like, yeah, you're not taking a gap year because I didn't want to go to college like without all my friends. So then I went to a statistician school. Something called EVIT near where I'm at, it's the East Valley Institute of Technician. So you can go to like a trade school and get your high school credits at the same time. So I started off in cosmetology and realized I didn't love it.

Brittany Hagemann (01:46.711)

Olivia Murray (02:03.277)
So that's how I kind of figured I still wanted to be in the beauty industry, but I didn't want to do hair. It was one of those things that it's hard to do. I mean, people can come in, tell you one thing and what you do turns out completely different than expecting and I felt like with skin, it was a little bit more straightforward. So I went to the esthetician school near me. I really had a great experience. I know some people can't say the same, so I'm super grateful, but.

Brittany Hagemann (02:03.82)

Olivia Murray (02:32.341)
Yeah, I started when I was 17 in like August and then I graduated in May. So I really liked my experience there. All my teachers were really good. I still talked to some of the girls that were in my class. It was all girls and one guy. So it was pretty fun. There's never any drama and I feel like I learned a decent amount, but like not like you learn in your continuing education courses.

Brittany Hagemann (02:49.838)

Olivia Murray (03:01.597)
No, not about acne. I did a lot of waxing in school, a lot of waxing myself, my classmates. Felt like that was something that you could kind of do all the time, whereas facials, these people's skin is like the barrier was stripped. Like no one wanted anyone to touch their face after being in school for like three to four months. So, I don't know. It was rough.

Brittany Hagemann (03:02.359)

Brittany Hagemann (03:24.93)
Oh my gosh, I remember that. No, please, no more facials.

Olivia Murray (03:31.037)
Yeah, so it was fun in the beginning to do the facials. I didn't think that my plan was going to do skincare. I got out of school and started working at a wax in the city. I just felt like no one was gonna listen to me when it comes to skin because I'm 18 years old. Like, what do I know, you know? I had acne in high school.

Brittany Hagemann (03:40.654)

Brittany Hagemann (03:56.738)

Olivia Murray (04:00.801)
But it's not like I was familiar with like pigmentation or aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles or anything like that. We didn't learn micro needling or micro channeling in school. We didn't learn dermaplaning. A lot of these things I had to take extra courses to learn because it's really the basics in school.

Brittany Hagemann (04:24.682)
Yeah, so you, okay, you got a job at WAC to do waxing. Was that at European WAC Center or was it another wax place?

Olivia Murray (04:28.898)
Uh huh.

Olivia Murray (04:33.365)
So I was at a wax in the city for like six months. They were located on like an inside of the Plaza. It was a smaller chain at the time. So like it was slow all the time. I was just sitting there. I'm getting paid $10 an hour. I don't even remember what my commission was, maybe 10%. But like at 18, I was making close to like $14 an hour after tax tips.

Brittany Hagemann (04:46.454)
Thank you.

Brittany Hagemann (05:01.39)

Olivia Murray (05:01.889)
Commission and everything so I'm like I can't do this and live with my sister. I need more money So after six months I left because a few of my friends that I went to school with worked at European wax So that was a lot better. It was higher volume. I was actually busy throughout the day. I was like Hey, it's not 19 when I started working there And I was making good money for a 19 year old. I like to say I was

Brittany Hagemann (05:15.234)

Brittany Hagemann (05:26.72)

Olivia Murray (05:31.221)
making anywhere like on the low end, like $21 an hour. And at the high end, like kind of near Christmas and stuff, I could make up to anywhere from like $33 an hour. And this is without cash tips. So I got stuck. I was there for like four and a half years. It's hard to leave. We're used to that money, you know, it's quick money or we leave with cash every single day.

Brittany Hagemann (05:36.174)

Brittany Hagemann (05:47.426)

Brittany Hagemann (05:51.47)

Olivia Murray (05:59.285)
In the beginning, my experience was really good there. Some of my best friends are from European WAC Center. We had a great owner, a phenomenal manager. I cried when she left. She was truly, did such a good job of balancing being a manager and caring about you and feeling, making employees feel like they were valued. Great front desk, they called them GSAs, Guest Service Associates.

Brittany Hagemann (06:18.646)

Olivia Murray (06:28.013)
So then around COVID, everything changed. The owner was like, I'm not doing this anymore, sold. Management changed. All the front desk girls were leaving because they were having to deal with everyone being so rude to them about the mask and stuff. So then everything changed. I would just stay in my little room, mind my own business, get in and get out. And you just stop learning at a certain point. Everything becomes muscle memory.

Brittany Hagemann (06:34.51)

Brittany Hagemann (06:44.108)
Oh wow.

Olivia Murray (06:57.217)
I wasn't really trying hard to sell the products because I didn't believe in them. I wasn't trying to upsell because it's so hard to ask someone, oh, do you want your lip wax? Like when you're doing their brows, like I can't do it. I'm not gonna point it out. And that's, everyone, they just look at the numbers. Like how can I make more money? Which I love that. But I knew when I had my own business, I was going to really be more personable, like focus on relationships.

Brittany Hagemann (07:12.671)
No. No!

Olivia Murray (07:26.729)
making the client happy because that's where you make money. That's when people come back for their friends and family. So I did learn a lot there. A lot was what stuff I didn't want to do. But I'm grateful for my time there. It really pushed me. I don't know if I would have gone off on my own and created my own business if I didn't feel stagnant, you know? If I didn't.

Brittany Hagemann (07:33.838)

Brittany Hagemann (07:38.883)

Brittany Hagemann (07:52.014)

Olivia Murray (07:54.669)
if there weren't so many things that I disliked, you know, someone could go show you three times and it would be fine. Or last minute cancel all the time. And then we would not get any compensation for that. So we'd just be sitting in our room, even if it was like full leg, Brazilian full face underarm. So it was just different, you know.

Brittany Hagemann (07:58.396)

Brittany Hagemann (08:10.262)

Brittany Hagemann (08:18.282)
You just still get paid hourly. You get paid hourly, but you wouldn't get that commission, obviously.

Olivia Murray (08:23.517)
Yeah, but when I started there, it was like $9 an hour. By the time I left, I was making 11 an hour in the four and a half years that I was there. And we all had to fight for it. Yeah, there's levels and they're different colors. And I was on like level three for like four years. And then the last six months, I'm like, my hand hurts.

Brittany Hagemann (08:38.024)
Oh my god.

Brittany Hagemann (08:42.773)

Olivia Murray (08:50.077)
I shouldn't have to do an upper lip, Brazilian and underarm in 15 minutes when they're coming in nine minutes late because that was the policy. Trying to do everything in six minutes. Like you're so stressed, you're leaving hair, you're not having a good, giving them a good service, you know, and I knew that. It was uncomfortable for me because you're sending people in and out and just not doing your best. So.

Brittany Hagemann (09:06.794)

Brittany Hagemann (09:16.526)
Okay, so what year was this? Was this 2020?

Olivia Murray (09:20.165)
When I got back, so then I went down a level and that was fine. Everyone's pay changed and then they tried to take my $11 an hour and bump it down to 10. So that's when I had like a meltdown. I'm like, I've been here for so long. Like is the $1 difference for you guys? Because it's a difference for me, you know? And that's when I was like, okay, I got to get out of here. Like this is not right. They don't care about their employees.

Brittany Hagemann (09:20.91)
by the same users as we.

Brittany Hagemann (09:33.761)
No, no.

Brittany Hagemann (09:38.318)
I'm done.

Brittany Hagemann (09:41.934)

Olivia Murray (09:49.533)
I mean, it's always in there. They don't have any sort of maternity leave. So it's sad. Sorry about my dogs.

Brittany Hagemann (09:56.99)
It's okay. Love has very lively, lovely dogs, so we just get used to them. It's fine. Okay, so this was 2020. They knew owners, they came to your pay. So then at that point, did you decide you wanted to open your own business?

Olivia Murray (09:58.839)
And um...

Olivia Murray (10:04.713)

Olivia Murray (10:14.161)
Um, it wasn't until honestly, like end of 2022, I think where I'm like, wait, was that I'm trying to think when I open? No, it was the end of 2021. So I was there close for COVID for a while. And it wasn't until my friend was like, we need to leave. And I'm like, Oh, if you can do it, I can do it, you know. And so

Brittany Hagemann (10:23.294)

Brittany Hagemann (10:29.26)

Brittany Hagemann (10:32.91)

Brittany Hagemann (10:40.223)
Yeah. Uh-huh.

Olivia Murray (10:42.825)
It took a while of me being unhappy, complaining about my job, feeling super stuffed before I made the transition. Um, I just always been like, I'm young, businesses are a lot of work. I've always known how much like time and effort you're going to put in. I never was like, Oh, I'll keep my own business. Have all this extra time. Cause I knew that was not happening. Um, when I graduated school, I was like 18. I wasn't ready for any of that. So then. By the time.

Brittany Hagemann (10:52.835)

Brittany Hagemann (11:06.37)

Brittany Hagemann (11:12.215)

Olivia Murray (11:12.577)
was 23 yeah that sounds right by the time I was 23 I'm like okay let's get this ball rolling let's do something right we can't expect changes like we can't expect different things when nothing's changing you know and I knew it was gonna kind of go downhill at European since everything had changed it was like an investment company or something that took over like

Brittany Hagemann (11:20.142)

Brittany Hagemann (11:32.238)

Brittany Hagemann (11:39.492)
Oh, okay.

Olivia Murray (11:39.657)
And they bought a bunch of Europeans, like I think seven in Arizona. So it's like, you can't really put a name to the place. Yeah, they changed everything. They changed the pace structure, commission, the goals. So yeah, it was just a lot. And I was like, it's my time to go. So the last, I decided that December of 2022, I opened my business August of 20, no.

Brittany Hagemann (11:44.594)

They just changed everything.

Brittany Hagemann (11:56.494)

Brittany Hagemann (12:00.321)

Olivia Murray (12:09.301)
I decided in December, sorry, I'm getting all confused, 21. And then in August 22, that's when I finally created my own business. So every day I showed up so happy. Like I had to force myself, but I'm like, they got new owners, they took away the non-compete. So I knew that I could take these people and not get in trouble illegally, which I always recommend starting off and getting your own client.

Brittany Hagemann (12:14.027)
Yes, okay.

Brittany Hagemann (12:18.03)

Brittany Hagemann (12:33.166)

Olivia Murray (12:36.281)
The ones that loved me followed me and the ones that love Europeans and their policies stayed there. So instead of being good, I don't feel like I robbed them or anything. But if you ever not compete, listen to that. I'm not advising you to get into any legal trouble. I showed up super happy every single day and just kind of faked it until I made it and was able to get, write down people's name, phone number, what services they got and how much.

Brittany Hagemann (12:36.92)

Brittany Hagemann (12:42.883)

Olivia Murray (13:05.181)
money each service was and then how many packages they had left. So even after I left, even if people are like, oh I have three or four packages to finish off, I would message them in like three months before I knew everything was going to run out. So I have wax packages at my place, but I only advertise it to my European wax center clients because I'm really not making too much money off of doing it and very few people have them.

Brittany Hagemann (13:07.95)


Brittany Hagemann (13:18.755)

Brittany Hagemann (13:32.502)

Olivia Murray (13:35.053)
But I knew that way, that even if I left, I could still have like that communication open with them, the hope that they'd end up coming. Because a lot of people were over European too, like and how everything changed and the policies and I don't know. I feel like the people who stayed are just people who wanna be able to no show or last minute cancel with no repercussion, you know? But everyone else is like, I'm rushed.

Brittany Hagemann (13:43.274)
Okay, that was really smart.

Brittany Hagemann (13:48.686)

Brittany Hagemann (14:00.182)
Right, right, right.

Olivia Murray (14:02.005)
This is not personable. I'm leaving with hair, you know, and it's not your fault. You're just have like back to back people all day. Or they'd put like three legs, three leg waxes back to back and have no time to fill your wax pot. So you're like putting hot wax on someone's skin and you're like, I'm sorry. I just have no wax. I was just wasting time.

Brittany Hagemann (14:25.218)
So you, okay, so this was, you got people's information, you left in August, you already have a location, everything ready to go.

Olivia Murray (14:35.037)
Yeah, so August 1st, we got the keys to the room. I shared with someone else. August 7th is when I started taking clients. So, and my first day, I made more money than I would in like a two week paycheck because I sold two Brazilian packages. I had six clients my first day and I sold two Brazilian packages. So I made like $1,200 my first day. And...

Brittany Hagemann (14:43.187)

Brittany Hagemann (14:46.558)
Okay, quick.

Olivia Murray (15:04.305)
it made me realize like, yeah, it was, it was a really good feeling. I'm like, everything's happening for a reason, like I'm gonna be taken care of. Feel like when you go into a business, you can't really expect to make too much money right away. It's better to have realistic expectations and hope for the best than unrealistic expectations. So I felt like it set me off on a really good note. I felt really confident.

Brittany Hagemann (15:05.334)
This has been so exciting.

Brittany Hagemann (15:19.274)
No, not the beginning.

Olivia Murray (15:34.301)
It was hard when I first started because there was a little bit of room decor drama with the girl I shared the suite with. So I felt like because our suite was like, what I thought was ugly and not as planned. I had to work 10 times harder to keep people because I'm like, oh, my room's ugly. They're not gonna wanna come see me. So my clients the first day are like, no, we came to see you, not your room. And that...

Brittany Hagemann (15:41.806)
I'm sorry.

Brittany Hagemann (15:49.41)
I'm going to go to bed.

Brittany Hagemann (15:56.551)

Brittany Hagemann (16:02.026)
Yeah. Right.

Olivia Murray (16:03.649)
That did help me a lot, but it felt really good to be able to make that amount of money in one day when that's how much my paychecks would be every two weeks.

Brittany Hagemann (16:14.718)
Yeah. I think that's a really interesting point that you said about the room decor, because I think a lot of aesthetician business owners really obsess about it. And of course, great decor is great. I'm not saying that doesn't help and elevate an experience, but when you're a brand new business owner and you don't have a lot of money and a lot of clients, spending a lot of money in decor is a terrible idea. And it doesn't really matter. Like you said, your clients were just following you. You could invest in decor later.

Olivia Murray (16:23.678)

Olivia Murray (16:36.641)

Brittany Hagemann (16:42.646)
It is more important to do a great service to connect with your clients than it is to have a beautiful Instagram-worthy room.

Olivia Murray (16:50.319)
Have I showed you what the room looked like at one point?

Brittany Hagemann (16:54.546)
Now you have to send me pictures.

Olivia Murray (16:55.805)
It was not one room. Like every single corner and square foot was taken up by like 12 million things. So it was basically, I was surprised with the decor. I contributed like my half and her contribution was going to be the decor. We agreed on everything, had like Pinterest boards, Amazon wishlist, screenshots, group messages, and she did the complete opposite.

Brittany Hagemann (17:05.916)
Oh goodness.

Brittany Hagemann (17:22.32)

Olivia Murray (17:22.489)
Started off really emotionally hard for me. Like I was sitting on the shower floor crying like the first week Because the room really truly like was ugly even though my nicest friends were like oh I'm like I know like it was traumatizing but I just feel like It was a lot. It was a lot

Brittany Hagemann (17:31.147)

Brittany Hagemann (17:38.67)
Thanks for watching!

Brittany Hagemann (17:47.294)

Brittany Hagemann (17:52.683)
Okay, so the room was really ugly. Okay, but what, so how many clients were you seeing a week, do you think, like at that point?

Olivia Murray (18:00.349)
Um, anywhere from like 10 to 15, like nothing crazy. Sundays have always been my busiest days. So I think my first day was a Sunday. Not too much. I was able to take some, I had a lot of friends and family be super supportive in the beginning, which was good. I wouldn't even take 15. I guess every other week would kind of be good. It was a...

Brittany Hagemann (18:07.694)
Okay, okay.

Brittany Hagemann (18:14.48)

Brittany Hagemann (18:28.202)

Olivia Murray (18:29.013)
close start, but I can't say it was as slow of a start as other people building from the ground. Like I definitely, I was prepared. I knew before I left, I'm like, oh, these people are all done with wax passes. They'll all come to me. I put down how much each was. So I kind of predicted how much money I would make the first month. And that's why I left. I have a notebook from when I first started. It would be interesting to go back and look at all my brain.

Brittany Hagemann (18:35.086)
Sure. Yeah.

Brittany Hagemann (18:48.962)

Brittany Hagemann (18:57.227)
It would be.

Olivia Murray (18:57.945)
planning and stuff like that. Cause I, it wasn't like super busy, but it was enough to where I wasn't discouraged or sitting there. Like obviously I knew I needed more clients, but I wasn't like, oh, I can't beat myself or, oh, I have to go into debt. Like, thankfully I saved a lot before I left. European Wax Center. So I had, I had a cushion.

Brittany Hagemann (19:08.429)

Brittany Hagemann (19:21.387)

Brittany Hagemann (19:27.873)
Okay. Yeah, that's what I was going to ask you. Were you making enough money to pay your personal bills or were you living off savings or something else at the beginning?

Olivia Murray (19:38.286)
Um, I pretty much had enough and if I did, I'd barely go in my savings, maybe like one or $200 a month, you know, but I wasn't saving money. And that was hard for me because at European Wax Center, every paycheck, I'd put $250 aside and every day I'd put aside $10 a day. So like $70 a week in cash. At the end of the year, that's almost $10,000.

Brittany Hagemann (19:46.175)


Brittany Hagemann (20:00.654)

Olivia Murray (20:02.349)
So like that was just like my basic savings. So from going from that to not saving at all, pretty much for the first year of my business was very stressful. Cause I had a good amount of savings, you know, but it was like, oh, I'm not adding to this. I'm getting older and I'm like not building it up. So that was a little bit challenging in the beginning cause I've...

Brittany Hagemann (20:14.252)

Brittany Hagemann (20:24.02)

Olivia Murray (20:29.041)
I started working at 14 years old at my mom's best friend salon and that's how I found out I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I swept hair, I did, I like washed people's hair, washed the bowls, did all the laundry and stuff like that. So I've always made more than minimum wage. Like I've never really ever had a minimum wage job after like tips and commission, you know. So I always felt like I was really good with my money.

Brittany Hagemann (20:54.167)

Olivia Murray (20:57.625)
I'm not doing better than people my age, but saving and spending a little bit more responsibly. So since I hadn't been able to save in the beginning, it was hard, but I just kept thinking like this is temporary, you know, no real business owner can save the amount of money that I'd like to save every month. Realistically and still go on vacation and go out to eat and do those little things too. So super lucky I have my

Brittany Hagemann (21:17.187)

Olivia Murray (21:25.429)
husband to lean on and stuff. That makes it a lot easier to be like you have a partner in life and someone will always help you.

Brittany Hagemann (21:28.778)

So, yeah, yeah. So, okay, so you had maybe 10 to 15 clients. How did you start building clientele and building your business? So that was like, what did you do to start bringing in more people?

Olivia Murray (21:47.349)
posted like three times every single day on Instagram. So it was a lot. I didn't know what I was doing. It was all trial and error. I hadn't I'm not familiar with social media. I mean, I've had Instagram since I've been like 12 or 13. But it's like fun. You know, I didn't know how to market. I'm like, Oh, same thought same colors. I'll just post whatever I want. So that helped the hashtags helped.

Brittany Hagemann (21:51.004)

Brittany Hagemann (22:06.816)

Olivia Murray (22:16.469)
I know people say you don't need to use them anymore, but I've had quite a few people find me through like Tempe Esthetician or Phoenix Facials or Tempe Brow Waxing. So people come into that. My friends were very supportive. Everyone posted me on their story. I always posted in Facebook groups.

Brittany Hagemann (22:17.568)

Olivia Murray (22:41.693)
I always commented on all, if I said someone like, oh, I need a recommendation for a facial for my teenager, like I'd be the first one to comment. Maybe a word of mouth too, I ask people, I'm like, hey, I started my own business, give you $10 off if you're for a friend. So it was slow and steady in the beginning, but I am fortunate enough to where I never got to that point where I'm like, oh, I have to give up, I'm not making it.

You know, I always thought and knew it was close by and really kind of tested the process for sure. But I cut back my spending. I dyed my hair back brown, which is my natural color. I stopped getting my nails done. We didn't go out on our fancy date once a month. We would just get like two poli or euros. So I did cut back. I cut back my shopping. I wasn't getting like Botox and stuff. I was wearing.

Brittany Hagemann (23:12.542)

Olivia Murray (23:40.193)
SPF or tinted SPF every day so I wasn't purchasing makeup anymore. Like I really did cut back Because you can't live lifestyle you want We knew you're first starting a business. At least I couldn't I want to speak further

Brittany Hagemann (23:48.69)

Brittany Hagemann (23:54.538)
Yeah. Most people, yeah. That's really smart because you were really smart with your money and you were strategic with it. You weren't just like living the lifestyle that you were living before when you had a job and whereas making money didn't have overhead expenses and things like that. So how long were you in that room with the girl in the horrible decor before you got your own space?

Olivia Murray (24:16.665)
Uh, one year. So I guess closer to like 11 months, they let me move in earlier, which I was happy about. So I didn't have to pay rent for two places, but the, you can, the room's ready. So I was downstairs, same building, same pause. And now I'm upstairs, like maybe five feet one way. So my old room, yep, just right up the stairs. So it was the easiest move. I like called my husband. I'm like,

Brittany Hagemann (24:19.774)
One year, okay.

Brittany Hagemann (24:23.499)

Brittany Hagemann (24:38.318)
Okay, so you just moved out your own room.

Olivia Murray (24:45.601)
we gotta move everything right now. He's like, it's 5 p.m. on a Thursday. I'm like, okay, well, you're not done with golf until one o'clock on a Sunday and it's July. So it's so much hotter. So we moved everything in the evening, which was fun. As soon as she said she didn't need the stuff anymore, then I moved. So I've been there since probably July 15th in my own room.

And they're five days a week, so I'm able to make a lot more money compared to the three and a half days a week that I was there. More open availability, more hours. So that was when my mindset really started to change because I was better. So I went into it because we were really good friends. Like I'd consider her one of my best friends.

Brittany Hagemann (25:11.138)

Brittany Hagemann (25:25.503)
and better.


Olivia Murray (25:35.145)
And me, like not liking the decor, even though I told her in the nicest, kindest way possible, she, it just started drama. So once I got my own spot, I just felt so much better. I felt like, okay, now I can have like the environment that I want, like I had been planning everything. I got my little LED light, I got my wallpaper. So it just felt a lot like a fresh new start.

Brittany Hagemann (25:45.142)

Olivia Murray (26:05.257)
and I was just a lot more happy to go to work. I didn't have to see ugly feather lamps every day or ugly rug. Just felt clean and fresh and new, you know? And something that I could be proud of and something that was, I felt like impressive versus the other room. I'm gonna send a picture after and you're gonna realize what happened to you.

Brittany Hagemann (26:06.702)

Brittany Hagemann (26:19.102)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brittany Hagemann (26:27.935)
Yeah, please do. Please do. Okay, so were you always doing facials because you went from doing waxing and did you always do facials when you first started or what point did you start doing facials?

Olivia Murray (26:38.477)
I started doing facials right away. So before I opened my business, over that summer, I probably had like 15 people come here and I just gave them facials for free so I could practice. Since I had been out of it for so long and I knew, I knew I can't just go. I mean, I knew all the steps. I mean, it's muscle memory from school. Like you just need a little bit of more pressure.

Brittany Hagemann (26:52.842)
Oh, okay, great. Right, that's what I was gonna ask.

Brittany Hagemann (27:04.17)

Olivia Murray (27:05.853)
I just needed to look at a bunch of people's skin, and that's like the hardest part is like the skin conditions. So I was in a networking meeting for like three months before I opened my business. And I'd have the people from the networking meeting come in, I'd have friends, I'd have my sisters, my mom, and I would do it right in my living room. I'd set up my bed, I already had all my things.

Brittany Hagemann (27:10.638)

Olivia Murray (27:30.861)
So that's what really got me ready to do facials and charge for them. Cause I knew I couldn't just go into it after not doing them for four and a half or five years. And with five years since I graduated school, it just wasn't realistic. I couldn't give my best experience without practicing. I went and got facials done too. So I'm like, oh, I like when they do more pressure.

Brittany Hagemann (27:37.912)

Olivia Murray (27:56.669)
Even something as simple as doing more pressure on the neck and chest when they're cleansing your skin or doing a little massage when they put the towel on your face or like having essential oils in your towels, you know? It was the little things like that I learned from other people from feeling it myself or get feedback from the people I was doing it on. So I did facials in the beginning, I had no back bar and then these people were coming in like, oh, what should I get for my skin? And I'm like...

Brittany Hagemann (28:16.814)

Olivia Murray (28:26.849)
Why don't I have these products here? So I started with Hale and Hush. It's a sensitive skin line. I do like their products. I still do use them in my back bar. For all my new facial clients, I still do the incredible enzyme because it's super gentle. I've never seen anyone react to it. And then I use the Hale and Hush Hydrate Gel Mask because it's just my favorite hydrating mask ever. But I just felt like it was...

Brittany Hagemann (28:30.828)


Olivia Murray (28:56.585)
really just for like sensitive skin, rosacea, and I was having a lot of acne clients. So two months into opening my business, that's when I took the face reality course. And I felt like that just opened so many more doors for me. I was able to sell products easier. They were less money than hail and hush, like more effective, and it just worked better. And that's when I really figured out.

Brittany Hagemann (29:01.191)


Brittany Hagemann (29:09.902)

Brittany Hagemann (29:20.028)

Olivia Murray (29:25.301)
This is what I want to specialize in. This is what I can make the biggest difference in people's skin. It's noticeable. People ask about it. And like when people see results for themselves, they want to come see it too. So I knew that's how I could market myself without even having like people talk about it. So yeah, I really think that the face reality course was like the best thing I could have done for my business.

Brittany Hagemann (29:39.49)

Brittany Hagemann (29:47.232)

Olivia Murray (29:54.797)
And that's how I figured out I wanted to specialize in acne.

Brittany Hagemann (29:55.287)

Brittany Hagemann (30:00.266)
Yeah, because you went from like an only Waxie background to then you kind of were focusing on acne. And I was just curious, was it kind of that process? And so you took the class and you realized you really liked it and you liked doing acne and you kind of wanted to slowly move away from Waxie even though you still had Waxing clients.

Olivia Murray (30:20.913)
Yeah. So when I look back into the times that I'm like depressed and like that's when I'm not learning at all. I'm not taking in any new knowledge. So when I started taking this class and I really started learning, challenging myself, growing, not staying stagnant, I knew that that's what felt the best for me. It felt good to educate people. Acne, even dermatologists don't properly always know the right ways to address it.

Brittany Hagemann (30:30.436)

Olivia Murray (30:50.069)
And the fact that I could help people when no one else could felt very rewarding. And I like empowering others. So I felt like that's what I knew. So I still wax, I just don't market it at all. I'm taking waxing services off my menu that I never do, just so I can focus on acne and those are the new clients coming my way.

Brittany Hagemann (31:00.662)

Brittany Hagemann (31:07.47)

Olivia Murray (31:17.441)
Thankfully Brazilian waxes everyone talks about them. They market themselves just because friends talk to other friends about them. So I felt like I didn't really need to post that stuff on my social media, but it wasn't until I started working with you. I actually did that, you know? So I'd post about everything and it was a lot and it was confusing. I'd have problem nations waxing, acne, facials, hydrodelly mask.

Brittany Hagemann (31:19.501)

Brittany Hagemann (31:37.095)

Brittany Hagemann (31:41.895)

Olivia Murray (31:47.689)
And it was just a lot. I was just trying to put as much content out there as possible, which I'm glad it helped build my following. And I was getting people from it, but I wasn't putting out educational content or stuff of value that people would learn.

Brittany Hagemann (31:57.966)

Brittany Hagemann (32:06.834)
Mm-hmm. Because, okay, so when I met you, so for everyone, Liv is one of my clients. Actually, we just finished working together, but if you know if you're a client of mine, you're always a client of mine. And so when I met you in October 2023, you were doing brow laminations, full body waxing, acne, and just regular facials. Right? Is there any other services that you were doing that I forgot?

Olivia Murray (32:17.281)

Olivia Murray (32:31.442)

Olivia Murray (32:37.169)
I think that's it. Random stuff like vagatials or pregnant belly facials. Just, I'd have random things on my menu that people would maybe book once a month. Just because I wanted to say, I wanted to be a yes man. I wanted to say yes to everyone so I wouldn't lose anyone.

Brittany Hagemann (32:40.75)

Brittany Hagemann (32:43.906)
Right, right.

Brittany Hagemann (32:52.235)

Brittany Hagemann (32:59.982)
Yes. Okay. So I remember Sue, you signed up for my one-to-one coaching and you are a unique one because we didn't do a call first. I didn't know you. I had never spoken to you and you just signed up, which was so exciting for me and also so scary because I'm like, I don't know this person at all. And so why did you decide that you wanted to do coaching with me?

Olivia Murray (33:14.986)

Olivia Murray (33:20.881)
I listened to your podcast for probably about six months. I don't remember how I found you to be honest but I just remember like Listening to it. They were shorter because some of the exhibition podcast I love them but they can be 45 minutes to an hour and when I'm like just driving to work or folding the laundry Or on the treadmill at the gym Like I just wanted something quick and I could always learn from them in like 20 to 25 minutes and take

Brittany Hagemann (33:28.299)

Brittany Hagemann (33:39.406)

Olivia Murray (33:50.037)
I felt like they were very insightful and I felt like I already knew you before I started working with you. So I was super excited to take the job. I talked to my husband about it. I guess he was just my fiance at the time, but and he was like, no, you need to invest in yourself. Like all the best business people have coaches, people that they learn from, people who will do accountable, like you need to do it. So I'm like, oh, I need to do this. And so...

Brittany Hagemann (34:05.546)

Olivia Murray (34:20.353)
I did it right away. I didn't book the coaching call because I think you were doing like $50 off a month. And I'm like, this is the perfect time. Like I have to take advantage of this. Because I mean, $50 is $50, but like I like to save money when I can. So yeah, I just kind of trusted in the process because I felt like I had heard you speak before and it was all very like valuable, you know? So.

Brittany Hagemann (34:37.506)

Olivia Murray (34:48.617)
It was kind of a surprise to me that I didn't put that call either because that's not really how I am. I like to kind of feel things out. But it just felt like it was the right thing to do. I knew I needed a coach because like my husband said, you can always learn from someone. I knew I needed help with my marketing, because what I was doing wasn't giving me kind of the results I was looking for, even though I was spending the time on it. And I just wanted to grow and

Brittany Hagemann (35:05.41)

Brittany Hagemann (35:16.348)

Olivia Murray (35:18.229)
I felt like it was gonna be like the best thing for me. Saw all your posts and stuff too. And I'm like, I feel like I can trust her, you know?

Brittany Hagemann (35:30.838)
Okay, so you signed up October, I feel like it was mid-October 2023, and you were making about $6,000 to $7,000 a month in your S edition of business for revenue. I remember you had, I have my new clients, like they'll have an assessment and you're like, I'm really nervous to give up services. Like I know that's what you're going to recommend. Like do I have to? I remember seeing that. And so that was something we talked a lot about because...

Olivia Murray (35:38.741)
Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Olivia Murray (35:51.606)

Brittany Hagemann (35:56.51)
I'm not going to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do, but I also look at what you're actually making money and where you could be making more money. I remember you weren't really selling a lot of product and you were doing a lot of different things and making money, but not making a lot of money. You were working really hard for that money.

Olivia Murray (36:10.698)

Brittany Hagemann (36:14.07)
Would you agree with me? Like you were working really hard for $6,000, $7,000 a month.

Olivia Murray (36:14.677)
Yeah, yeah, I was. I wasn't selling too much product. I was just doing random things here and there for people who wanted to come in once every three years. And I was keeping these services on my menu. But yeah, I didn't want to niche down. I didn't want to say no. I thought I was saying no to money when I was cutting services off. And it wasn't until you were like, go back the last two months and tell me how many services.

Brittany Hagemann (36:37.419)

Olivia Murray (36:44.041)
or how many clients came in for these services. And I'm like, I'm not missing out on $40. I don't even like doing this, you know? Like that's not that much money. And like not all money is good money. If I'm not excited to go into work, if I'm like, oh, I have to do this brow tint right now. I hate brow tinting. Like I'm not a cosmetologist. I don't know how to mix that. So I would just go into work with like that mentality.

Brittany Hagemann (36:49.614)
I'm sorry.

Brittany Hagemann (36:58.85)

Olivia Murray (37:11.105)
But then I didn't want to let it go. So it took a while of working with you before I'm like, oh, I don't need to do things that I don't love or that doesn't bring me money. I just felt like I was saying no to certain people that I may like and connect with. And I'm like, oh, I'm not gonna be able to offer the service you like anymore. So I felt like I was letting them down. And that's not the case.

Brittany Hagemann (37:23.734)

Brittany Hagemann (37:35.734)

Yeah, and it's a common thing, a lot of estheticians, like so many of my clients and friends have been like, yeah, I'll let someone down if I'm not doing waxing anymore, whatever it is, or trying to chain out doing facials anymore, I'm only doing that. So yeah, that's a very common experience. And so I remember we focused really on building out new programs in your business that you can make more money and serve people in a more impactful way, and also in a way that's more easy for them to understand. So we spent a lot of time doing that.

what it was like for you to kind of lean into kind of looking at growing your business in a different way than versus taking any money versus being very specific about how you're going to work with people.

Olivia Murray (38:21.657)
So the program was really helpful. Doing like my anti-aging one. Cause we were originally gonna do the reverse the clock and only change it to pause the clock. Cause you can't really reverse like 45 years of sun damage and stuff like that. But it had me brainstorming a lot. I was constantly like, okay, what would be the best regimen for this client? Like what products do they need? How much money can I make? What's the timeline?

Brittany Hagemann (38:37.718)

Brittany Hagemann (38:43.49)

Olivia Murray (38:51.917)
People like structure. They like to come in, see everything right there, then in there, see how long it's gonna take them to get resolved, have a Q&A. So I felt like it was a lot of work making the programs, but then it made things so much easier afterwards. It made everything flow super nicely. Like I said, people like structure, so I just work better for my clients.

Brittany Hagemann (39:11.47)

Olivia Murray (39:18.185)
I had an active bootcamp plan and her mom came in from out of town and she came and saw me like the week she was here. And she was like one of my first people that I talked about my pause the clock program with and I knew she wasn't coming back. I mean her daughter's here for school for four years and she's just visiting. But it was great for me to kind of practice and she was like I love how you have programs. This just makes everything so much easier.

I've never been somewhere that has like this outline, like I just love it, you know? And I'm like, oh, this is really what people want. It's just easy, simple, effective, and it's just like a one, two, three thing. Instead of going somewhere and they're like, well, you could do this, or that, and you can have this product or that product or that product. Like it's too much information and it goes in one ear and out through the other.

Brittany Hagemann (39:55.074)

Brittany Hagemann (40:02.838)

Brittany Hagemann (40:10.762)
Right. Too much. Mm hmm.

Olivia Murray (40:12.557)
So I feel like when you say something to someone and then they can read it, like they remember and it's just better. So the programs really helped a lot because if you wanna make money, you have to have people coming in regularly and selling them products. Otherwise it's like, you're kind of doing it for fun because they just don't take it seriously or they're not aligned with your program. So it's definitely helped.

me get more of my ideal clients since I offer these, which is awesome. You know, it's, they're nice people, they're committed to skincare, and their results and transforming their skin and they're ready to take it seriously compared to other people who come into our facial for like their birthday, you know, to the programs.

Brittany Hagemann (41:04.098)
Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, and it's more I mean, I remember when we first started creating it and You were like I want to do this, but I don't know how I'm like, how do I talk about it? What do you can you hear the background noise? They're mowing outside my window hate them so much the people Okay, they're moving outside sorry, um

Olivia Murray (41:18.497)
Just a tad, it doesn't bother me.

Olivia Murray (41:23.945)
I can barely hear it, it almost sounds like a fly.

Brittany Hagemann (41:33.438)
The, yeah, you just, you were overwhelmed with how to talk to people about products that were more expensive than face reality. I remember you felt comfortable talking about face reality, but when it came to selling, what's the line that you're using right now? Jane Marini. Yeah, Jane Marini. That was like so much more expensive and it was harder for you to talk to people about that investment and the investments of ProSale and Microchainly. It was...

Olivia Murray (41:46.794)

Brittany Hagemann (42:02.07)
It was a higher price point than the acne program that you already were comfortable with and comfortable selling. So for you, besides creating the program, were there other things that you figured out so that it was easier for you to talk to people about it and present it to people?

Olivia Murray (42:18.297)
I think getting past limiting beliefs was the biggest thing, journaling. Like, why I think this way? Why I think I can't sell it? I know how much money people spend at Sephora and Ulta I know how much money they'll spend at Massage Envy. Like, people like to spend money. They're coming to see you because they want skincare, you know? Not every single person. Some people are bargainers.

Brittany Hagemann (42:30.41)

Brittany Hagemann (42:33.823)

Brittany Hagemann (42:42.442)
Yeah. Sure.

Olivia Murray (42:43.393)
But getting past the limiting beliefs, trying all these services on myself. I was already using Dan Marini for a while before I brought the product line on. But in my mind, I'm like, oh, I wouldn't spend this much money on it. But it's because I get a wholesale price and I'm an esthetician. If I wasn't an esthetician, I 100% would spend that much money on it. Because it works, it's a great line. And I also think.

Brittany Hagemann (43:08.493)

Olivia Murray (43:11.437)
since I'm still young, I didn't have as much money. I still wasn't saving back then. I'm like, oh, would I spend my savings on this instead of thinking about, like you can't shop out of other people's wallets or whatever that phrase is. So once I got past that, once I stopped looking at it as a price tag and started looking at it as a result, like it was a lot easier that way. But I think it's...

Brittany Hagemann (43:28.715)

Olivia Murray (43:40.469)
It's hard because you know, like $100 for one product like is a lot when they could get three products for 100 for face reality. I also had to kind of look at it as like face reality. I'm not really seeing anyone over like 35. Like people have adult acne, you know, but like, I'm not I haven't seen anyone past the age of 35. Jane Marini is more my aging clients, older people have more money most of the time.

Brittany Hagemann (43:42.091)

Brittany Hagemann (43:52.288)

Brittany Hagemann (43:59.918)

Olivia Murray (44:08.141)
So then once I realized that too, like I'm not selling $105 product to my 20 year old, I'm selling it to a 40 year old. Like it's a way different, it's a different market. But it really just took time and me selling it and the more I sold it, the more confidence I got. And the more people came back and told me they loved it and they're seeing changes in their skin in a month, the more that I'm like, what was I so nervous about?

Brittany Hagemann (44:10.166)

Brittany Hagemann (44:19.458)

Brittany Hagemann (44:22.922)

Brittany Hagemann (44:30.222)

Olivia Murray (44:37.633)
It's just when we tailor ourselves in our head. I wouldn't have brought on the line if I didn't 100% believe in it. So, it's just me learning, me being more confident and comfortable. Yeah, that's what just helps.

Brittany Hagemann (44:40.362)

Brittany Hagemann (44:48.769)

Brittany Hagemann (44:58.858)
Yeah, and I think, you know, for the listener, you know, Liv worked like such an easy client for me to work with. And she is a very, very hard worker. And I give my clients homework and she would take it and run and be like, okay, what else? Like a day later, you know, like she was not just like, oh, I guess I'll try it and see what happens. It was like, I'm going to make this work. I'm gonna do everything you tell me to do and more. And like,

I'm going to take this idea you gave me, Brittany, and I'm going to run with it. I'm going to try three other things that are similar to it." So Liv, you were always really pushing yourself. You didn't see a big change in your business for at least three, if not four months. You were making around the same amount of money because you were just kind of in the background learning and growing and figuring it out. There's a lot of figuring out.

Olivia Murray (45:42.994)
Yeah, just-

Olivia Murray (45:48.649)
Yeah, so December I made I think $8,000, but I worked half of it. Uh, I had a surgery, I had COVID and I had a trip. Um, maybe I made close to seven. Yeah. Uh, so I was doing all these things, redoing our house. Um, so I wasn't there a lot, but I made more money that month. Then I thought I would, I remember I was like, I didn't make this much. And you're like, well, look at the numbers. And I'm like, oh.

Brittany Hagemann (45:57.632)

Brittany Hagemann (46:02.666)
And you got married.

Olivia Murray (46:18.425)
I was here half the month and I made more than the month before. So when I started working with you, I was, we were going through a lot, renovating our house. Cabo had his surgery. My dog had ACL surgery. We were getting married. So I felt like I was taking all the things you told me and applying them, but you can't expect results in like two weeks and how you have to be consistent. And after being consistent for months, I mean, January hit 10 K.

Brittany Hagemann (46:21.102)

Brittany Hagemann (46:43.39)
Right. Yep.

Olivia Murray (46:48.565)
February I hit 12, March I hit 13, and then April I hit 13 this month too. So it's been really good.

Brittany Hagemann (47:00.611)
Yay! Yeah, so you essentially doubled your business in six months.

Olivia Murray (47:02.365)
Yeah, which is crazy. And I knew I would working with you. Like I always had hope. I have always been a pretty hard worker, motivated. I'm someone who thrives off productivity. So I knew if you work hard, you manifest, like it'll come to life, you know. You just can't give up too easy. You have to be patient and know that all good things come to those who wait and who work hard enough for it.

Brittany Hagemann (47:16.98)
I will.

Brittany Hagemann (47:24.478)

Olivia Murray (47:32.717)
So I was yes.

Brittany Hagemann (47:35.73)
Yeah, and not every week was like sunshine in rainbow's week. Some weeks were like very frustrated and like doing these different things and they weren't working or this isn't happy, you know, and it's, but you, you were willing to problem solve and think outside the box and try things that maybe made you uncomfortable and also like, you know, really lead into like...

Yes, this makes me uncomfortable to sell higher end products and services, but I want those results from my clients. I want those results from my business. I'm going to keep going even though no one's bought. I remember, I think it was January, I was like, who? Do you have anyone for doing Pro-Sell? You were like, no. You had just invested in it and all that money. You were like, no one has booked it yet.

I was like, people will book it. You have to keep talking about it. Nobody knows it exists. Like you have, you know, and so we were, it was, it was a lot of that, you know, and I really, I really credit your, not willing, like you're not gonna give up because it didn't go the way you wanted it to go the first four times. Because it did go the way you wanted it to go and it's still going the way you want it to go because you just kept going.

Olivia Murray (48:48.489)
Yeah, the more you talk about something, the more easy it becomes to sell. Cause you're talking about the results, your clients experience. Like it was hard cause in the beginning I did on myself. I did on my husband. But once I started doing it on people who were giving me like more feedback, I was sending them home with the growth factors. It was a different experience and I'm actually doing it quite a bit nowadays. Like at least a few a week, which has been really good. I enjoy it a lot. And

Brittany Hagemann (49:17.335)

Olivia Murray (49:17.769)
I do numb the skin. I know they say you don't have to. So it is a little bit of a longer service, but I feel like the longer you're with someone, the more connection I can build. So all my personal clients have been really good. They listen to me. They take home the products that I tell them to. They trust me with their skin. So I think when you do pay more money for a service, people take it more seriously.

Brittany Hagemann (49:26.935)
Yeah, I'm just kidding.

Brittany Hagemann (49:33.718)

Olivia Murray (49:46.497)
I know we don't like using the word investment. And I didn't even know that until I listened to your podcast, but it is a little bit more when you're spending that much money. So it has been good, but you can't expect, I couldn't expect for me to just have all these pro cells on my books if I'm not talking about it and I'm not posting about it. So once I started talking and posting about it, it was easy. It was kind of...

Brittany Hagemann (49:56.173)

Olivia Murray (50:13.493)
In the beginning I was like, oh yeah, no, I'm not doing this, but switched it up and now it's been better. I took the other microneedling off my menu too. Cause I'm like, I don't wanna, yeah, I don't wanna give someone not as good results when they could just pay 50 to a hundred dollars more. It'd be twice as much, way better.

Brittany Hagemann (50:22.219)

Brittany Hagemann (50:28.238)
Great, so you just do.

Brittany Hagemann (50:38.967)

And the other thing that I loved about working with you is I also was new to ProCell. I had never really experienced it. And we figured out together how to market it. And you were a great student. You were constantly, we were exploring things. How are you going to talk about it so people understand? You're not just showing the ProCell gun. You're actually showing it in a way that people are interested. And it was a lot of trial and error.

And you did it though, you just kept going and now you do it flawlessly.

Olivia Murray (51:16.029)
It's hard when I'm so used to esthetician terms, saying things in fancy ways, making it less complex and being able to explain it to a 10-year-old. Like that is so difficult and that was the hardest part for me. Cause I don't know, I don't have a 10-year-old brain. I don't have a non-esthetician brain. I don't know if they know or not, you know? So that was pretty difficult for me, but it did help a lot.

Brittany Hagemann (51:32.078)
hard. Yeah.

Brittany Hagemann (51:41.634)

Olivia Murray (51:44.961)
When people can understand things more and it makes more sense to them, they're just more likely to book the service. Compared to if I was using words like epidermis and I don't know, just like more complex stuff. Like that scares people. And I didn't know that until I started working with you. I'm like, oh, people wanna see that I'm smart and I know what I'm talking about.

Brittany Hagemann (52:05.889)

Olivia Murray (52:11.405)

Brittany Hagemann (52:12.614)
Right. It was so funny because Liv is definitely a unique person because your feelings don't get hurt very easily. So I would just respond directly to your post like in DMs like this makes no sign. Like I was so like I'm directly behind. Yeah, I would say this post scared me. I don't understand what's happening and I'm an esthetician. Like do not, you know, I was like very direct with you, but I could do that because you took it really well. And then you would just like, oh, okay. And you like learn you wouldn't be like, well, that was rude, you know.

Olivia Murray (52:20.529)
Or you would be like, this scares me.

Olivia Murray (52:30.086)

Olivia Murray (52:36.824)

Olivia Murray (52:40.237)

Brittany Hagemann (52:40.798)
I usually not that direct with most of my clients because I realized it's really sensitive, but you were just like, no, just tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong every post. I was like, okay. That was good though. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't easy always. You'd post like, what is Brittany going to say now? But now you do it, you do it tolerably. Yeah, you were willing to be corrected a lot. I think...

Olivia Murray (52:45.898)

Olivia Murray (52:52.637)
Yeah, or I bet she's not gonna like this one.

Olivia Murray (52:58.573)
Yeah, it was-

Brittany Hagemann (53:08.086)
That is also why you had success so quickly. And you have had before you and I worked together is like you were willing to learn and be wrong and be like, okay, that's not working. I'm gonna try something different. And for us to be like, well, I want this to work because I want people to think I'm smart. Be like, okay, people aren't buying it because they don't understand it. So it was just really, really fun to see that with you and like see that transformation. And now I always like, I'm like looking at your posts and I'm just like.

Olivia Murray (53:27.305)

Olivia Murray (53:36.717)
Thank you. Yeah, I figured if I'm paying someone, I'm not paying them to agree with me. I'm paying them to tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can do it right. Just like I go to a therapist for them to tell me how to handle things differently because I don't always handle situations right. So I knew what I was kind of getting into. I am kind of a sensitive person like regularly, but when it comes to business.

Brittany Hagemann (53:37.974)
Just killin' it.

Brittany Hagemann (53:41.841)

Brittany Hagemann (53:49.005)

Brittany Hagemann (53:55.03)

Olivia Murray (54:02.881)
you really have to separate your emotions from it to be a successful business owner. I don't know if I read that in a book or listened to it in a podcast, but that is something that I've really tried to do in my business. Because you did tell me all these things and not one time did my feelings get hurt. When you told me that one Procell and BioRepeel post scared you, I was sitting there laughing. I'm like, I knew you wouldn't like it and I still didn't because I'm like, well, at least I'm putting something out today.

Brittany Hagemann (54:10.851)
You do.

Olivia Murray (54:34.542)

Brittany Hagemann (54:37.151)
Yeah, yeah, I'm like, don't delete it, you know, like put it out. It's fine. But just know like people don't know what this is. And it could be scary to people who are like scared of needles or you know, whatever. So any last things you want to talk about? Time's almost up. Like I again, for people live, woke up super early and got camera ready because we're in different time zones. So to accommodate my schedule, I so appreciate that. I so appreciate your time. So anything else you want to?

Olivia Murray (54:44.019)

Brittany Hagemann (55:01.742)
say about your journey or about being an esthetician business owner or anything else.

Olivia Murray (55:05.289)
super grateful I met you and I've worked with you. You really have changed my business for the better. It's not a goodbye because I'm still going to meet with you once a month. I'd be too sad to never meet with you. You really have helped me with my mindset and keep me accountable and on the right track. I could just cry, thank you, my dear. I've really enjoyed the time that we've spent together. It's mostly Tuesday mornings and I feel like...

Brittany Hagemann (55:16.511)

Olivia Murray (55:30.417)
Meeting with you on my day off has been super productive. I get all these things done. I go to the gym and it just sets my Day off on a really good track So I'm grateful for everything I've learned from you and then he was listening to this and is on the fence about working with Britney She really is an angel and I know she can help you Just change your business for the better. So trust her trust the process work hard and business can double in six months It's crazy

Brittany Hagemann (55:32.482)

Brittany Hagemann (55:44.174)

Brittany Hagemann (55:52.482)

Brittany Hagemann (56:03.55)
Yeah, and again, live like a dream client. Like again, I would give her homework and she'd be like, okay, I want more. I'm done with that homework for this week. And I'm like, okay, like let's go. Like I'm gonna keep going, you know. Or sometimes I'm like, you just have to keep posting. That's your homework. And she's like, okay. I feel like it's not, I know, I remember. I feel like it's not enough. I'm like, that's it. That's what you need to do is keep posting so people understand what you're doing. They don't know about what you're doing. So we have to keep getting telling people, so.

Olivia Murray (56:15.045)
Yeah. I feel like it's not enough. Yeah.

Olivia Murray (56:29.655)

Brittany Hagemann (56:33.102)
Such a pleasure working with you, such a pleasure being your friend and being in your life and thank you for your time and your story. I hope, I know people are gonna be inspired because a lot of estheticians listening are younger estheticians and they wanna own their business. Maybe they're working for someone right now or they just started and it's a lot. And the reason that you are successful is because you have perseverance and you figured things out and you looked at your numbers and you figured out like what you needed to make

We're also willing to like change and evolve over time. So like all those, that's why you're successful. And you're also just great with your clients and people love you. So you'll just have continued success.

Olivia Murray (57:08.973)
Thanks. Yeah, I know the numbers part was really, I know we didn't talk about this, but the numbers part was really hard for me in the beginning. I did not wanna look at them because I was ashamed, I was embarrassed and I felt like I was failing. And it wasn't until I started looking at the numbers every week that I really started to grow. Because it doesn't seem so hard or so far away when you have it right in front of you and you know, oh, I only need to sell like 300 of them.

Brittany Hagemann (57:27.507)
Yeah, crazy.

Brittany Hagemann (57:36.955)

Olivia Murray (57:38.709)
dollars in product this week to hit my goal, you know, it doesn't seem as far away when you're doing your numbers. So, it's my biggest advice. Look at your numbers, just stay positive, persevere through the hard times and yeah, just don't give up. No one's going to put in the work, you have to do it yourself and it'll all pay off and feel so good once it does.

Brittany Hagemann (57:45.213)


Brittany Hagemann (58:06.858)
Yeah, you just got a car, right? A new car. And it will save money again, and all the things that are important financial goals for you, so congratulations. Well done, the sky's the limit for you. I know she has other goals that she's going after that we've set, and I always just keep raising the bar because you're gonna keep going, making more money and helping more people. It's fantastic.

Olivia Murray (58:07.87)


Olivia Murray (58:15.349)

Thank you.

Olivia Murray (58:27.901)
Yes, yeah, I'm very excited. Well, yay, thanks for having me. Yeah, thanks for having me on here.

Brittany Hagemann (58:34.43)
All right, Liv, well, thank you for being here. We so appreciate it. If you want to find, if you want to find you, can you tell us, tell them your Instagram and website.

Olivia Murray (58:41.921)
Yeah, so it's live for aesthetic. I know I can spell that. So it's L-I-V like Olivia, F-O- And then my gloss genius is that. Yes.

Brittany Hagemann (59:01.214)
as well. And that's your Instagram as well. Yes. All right. Thank you so much. And I'll talk to you soon, my friend.

Olivia Murray (59:07.829)
Okay, have a good day.

Brittany Hagemann (59:13.26)
You too.


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