When No One Cares About Your Posts

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2024

In this episode, Brittany discusses the struggles of owning an esthetician business, particularly the challenge of getting more clients and growing the business through social media. She addresses the feeling of discouragement when posts on social media receive little engagement. Brittany emphasizes the importance of understanding the reality of social media engagement and not relying solely on likes and views as measures of success. She also explores the brain's resistance to putting oneself out there and the need to reframe success in marketing and social media. The episode concludes with the advice to focus on posting for current clients to grow the business.

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You are listening to the Estheticians Earning More podcast with Brittany Hagerman, episode number 141. Okay, I am so excited to be back this week talking to you.

Today I'm gonna talk to you about something that I haven't actually, I think I've had four clients this week talk to me about in my one -on -one coaching. And that is they feel like they put out work on social media, posts, reels, stories, and nobody cares. So they feel very discouraged and...

Unmotivated and to do it again because they did they went out there. They're like, okay, I am going to Post I'm gonna listen to what Brittany has said about posting, you know, these are my clients I'm gonna you know do what we talked about and to put it out there But do all the hashtags and all the things I'm supposed to do I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna give tips I'm not gonna go into detail about things that

my clients may not care about, right? So they're like, okay, here we go. I got some great ideas. I know exactly what to say. I'm putting it out there. I made a Canva post or I did a reel or all the work, right? Put it out there and it just falls flat. And you're like, nobody cared. No one liked it.

No one shared it, no one commented, and now I'm supposed to do this again. I'm good, right? So I really want to break this down for you because this is something that happens to everyone, okay? I'm just gonna say that first. And then there's a reason why you, from a brain perspective, that this is why it's really hard for you. And there's also just like...

Good we got it like get we got to like talk about this in real life terms because your brain is making them meet mean It's not so okay first all businesses experience this all Always any even the big influencers put out posts that fall flat. Okay, I'm just gonna tell you that right now Also putting out posts that do perform quote -unquote really good does not actually mean anything I'm actually gonna screenshot

and put it in the show notes or maybe in an Instagram post, but I did a real last week, I think.

And so as of today, it's gotten 14 ,000 views. You would think, you're like, it worked, right? It's like, you would think that people would be pounding on my doors to work with me, right? You would think that my followers would have gone up exponentially. I mean, 14 ,000 people viewed it. Or 14, it was viewed 14 ,000 times.

14 ,000, like I don't even, I can't really wrap my brain around what that would even look like from like a people perspective. Like that's a lot of people. Like I've had about 14 ,000 people looking at me. Feels very scary and not what I ever would want. Like I don't wanna be an influencer. Even though I have an online business, I just wanna like help the people that I help. I only can help a certain amount of people. I'm only one person.

But nothing, the reason that I got 14 ,000 views because I use a trending audio, which I recommend doing, I like doing, it's fun. So the algorithm just picked it up. And I've had other posts like that that are just random people, just random people listen, you know, or even respond and they're not estheticians. It doesn't mean anything just because 14 ,000 people looked at it. The posts that I do that I get a thousand views.

and 10 likes are much more impactful for me. I get follows from those posts. I didn't get any follows from the 14 ,000 views. No one's followed me. No one has saved it. No one has shared it. It just kind of was looked at. But I've had other posts that maybe I had 700 views and are doing a lot better. So I just wanna remind you of that. Okay?

And maybe the big influencers you see out there, they're having all these likes, but that doesn't mean they're making a lot of money. It doesn't always mean that. Okay. The second thing I want to talk about is that our brains want to always protect us, which I talk about a lot on this podcast and our brain, it's a lot of work to put yourself out there, especially if you are not in the habit of doing it. If you're not like, I feel like I'm at the point in my business, I got to this point.
when I was doing BLH Beauty in San Diego, where it just was like kind of second nature, things just kind of pop into my brain. I write it down for a post later and then I make the post when I like have time to make them. Then just put, you know, it kind of just like is an organic thing. But to get to that point where it just kind of becomes part of your business life, where you're just posting and you're putting things out there and you're just kind of doing it.

It's really hard for your brain's going to try to do everything to prevent that from happening because it likes to stay the same. So it's like, it's going to look for evidence why it's not working versus evidence why it is working. So your brain's like, see, no one liked it. I got three likes. Well, okay, first of all, that's three likes. Okay, that's not no one. And the other thing that I want to challenge your brain when it does this is...

that you, if those three people that liked that post came in, were new clients, those three new clients, that is huge as a solo esthetician. You are not a national brand. You are not able to accommodate thousands of people. If I had to guess, you could only accommodate maybe 15 more people on your schedule, unless you're a brand new esthetician business owner.

I mean, if I had to guess, it's probably the most you could accommodate. Probably less, maybe five, maybe two. Maybe you just need two new clients to be fully booked. Maybe you just need to have five more clients to be fully, actually fully booked. So three likes, especially if like two of them are not people that you already know, it's working.

That's all you need. You don't need 100 likes. You don't need 100 people coming in. You don't need 100 people viewing it. Right? Like, it's a small amount of people that you actually need to come in and grow your business.
And even if you are a brand new business owner and you really have to grow, you need a lot of people, you can't accommodate 20 new people at once. That is so overwhelming. It's a lot.

I've had months when I was in San Diego in my acne business that I got a bunch of new clients at once. It was exhausting, because new clients need more attention, right? You have to, even if you don't do acne, you have to kind of like bring them on, teach them all the things, kind of help them answer more questions. I just, February, onboarded, I think three new Acetation clients, which I'm so grateful for, I love them so much. But it's a lot.

It's like, I gotta like, okay, there's a lot more mental work for me with a brand new client than a client that I've been seeing since November. Clients I've been seeing since November, we kind of know what we're working on. We just kind of like get down to work every week. New clients, I'm still trying to understand them, what they want, you know? So it's a lot more work for me. I'm not complaining, I love them. But you know what I mean? Like...

If I had gotten 20 new, I don't actually have space for 20 new clients. I can't take 20 people on, but if I had 20 people trying to book with me, I can't actually do that. I can't take 10 new acne clients on at once. That's exhausting. Oh my gosh, I would die. It's too much. It's too much. So I really want you to reframe what success looks like in marketing and social media posting.

And I want you to look at more than just likes and views, especially if you are doing reels, like look at saves. Look at how many people it reached, the post, people versus followers versus non -followers. Look at if you got follows from it. Even if you got a follow from it and a couple of likes and no one booked, I promise you, you were laying the groundwork. That is how it works. I can tell you from my own experience.
from working with other estheticians and helping them through this process. Yes, the first month that we were working together, they probably don't get any new clients, right? I'm still trying to figure out everything in their business, maybe in the second month. No, we're still kind of like getting everything together. But they keep posting, they keep showing up, they keep offering value, they keep connecting with people, and those...

Three people that liked something back in November are now on their books. So it does take time. And so your brain wants that immediate, like it worked. It worked. So our brains wanna know if we wanna get that energy there again, right? Like it worked. Okay, great, we're gonna keep doing it. We want that instant gratification, we want that dopamine hit. And you're not gonna get it.

when you're growing a business. It doesn't work that way, especially if you do advanced treatments, microneedling, microchanneling, acne, deep peels, like biorepeels, things that are more impactful, more expensive, a bigger commitment for clients. Even like the DMK enzyme, like that is a pricier thing than just a facial or just like a wax.

Those people are gonna take longer to layer. My clients that just do waxing, they can convert people much faster, because it's a less commitment, and it's just kind of like they know what they're getting. It's not like they have to try to understand the concept of waxing. They generally understand the concept of waxing or sugaring, but someone who's doing more advanced treatments, that's a harder thing for people's brains to understand. So those would take longer to...happen.
So I just wanna like give you a big old hug as I do in this podcast. And I just wanna like tell you you're doing really good. And it's not going to be linear. You're not gonna post and get a bunch of likes and then someone's gonna book. Sometimes that happens and that's magical. And it's so fun. It's like, that was great. I'm so glad that worked out. Right, it does happen.

It does, I've seen it happen myself and my clients for sure. But that's usually not what happens. And if you're following me on this podcast, maybe you've found the podcast somehow, or you found me on Instagram somehow, and then you followed me on Instagram, you know, whatever, now you got my email list, so you're getting information from me. And most likely, if you're listening, you are not a client, maybe you're a former client, but you're probably not a client. And maybe one day you will become a client, but it just is gonna take time for you to get to the point where you're ready to be a client.

So I can look at it and think, these people are listening to a podcast and not signing up to be my client. I'm so discouraged. People are looking at my Instagram reels and not signing up. I could be so discouraged or I could be like, I'm so excited. All these people are interested and I can help them however I can help them. And if they decide to work with me in the future, amazing, cannot wait. But if they decide not to or if the tips I give them is enough to get them to the next stage and they're like super happy.

Amazing as well, right? And so really like having that mindset going into it like I'm not everyone who follows me is not gonna work with me And I don't have the capability to work with everyone who follows me and likes what I say It's not possible. I was just looking at my BLH beauty Instagram I don't really go over there very much because you know too many things going on in my life that I still don't have a thousand followers on that Instagram and when I hit well 100k. I think I maybe had five or six hundred Because I didn't care about the number of followers. I wanted the quality of followers I wanted all of my clients to follow me and to continue nurturing them and loving them and giving them information and advice and encouragement and Then I knew if I did that really well It would that would go bigger

If you're watching the video, you'll see my hands moving, but that goes bigger, right? There's only one way that that's gonna grow. It's not gonna grow in if I'm the people that are following me or my clients and they are getting lots of value from me and they love what we do and they feel encouraged and that I just love them all the time and help them. That is only gonna get bigger. They're gonna refer people, people are gonna see that and wanna be part of that.

It's just gonna go bigger. But if I was like, I only have 400 followers and I post this post and no one's responding, I'm just not gonna post anymore, all of my current clients missed all that time and energy that I could have given them that helped them, right? Do you see that?

I did a reel this week, this past week about stop posting to get clients, but instead post for your current clients. And I just really wanna like end this episode with that thought. If you feel like, okay, I'm gonna, Brittany, I'm gonna go out, here we go, I'm gonna do this. Great, and only post to your current clients. Tips for your current clients, help them. Make their experience better, whatever it is. Because if you do that,

it will grow your business so much faster, so much easier. You'll like it so much more than if you're desperately trying to fill your books. Okay, that is it for today. Thanks so much for listening. Thanks for being here. I'll be back next week. Have a fantastic week. Bye for now.


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