Tricky Scripts for Acne Specialists eBook

Are you an Acne Specialist? Are you unsure about what to say in tricky situations with your clients? Do you freeze when they tell you they don't want to change their lifestyle or buy the routine you recommended? If so, I've got you covered. I created an eBook with over 30 scripts that you download to your phone so you can easily copy and paste the scripts into texts, emails and DMs. I also have scripts for tricky in person conversations too.



In this eBook, you'll get:


Over 30 Scripts

From getting your client to change their diet, ditch their foundation, buy the whole skincare routine or what to say when you charge a client for late cancelling - I have you covered!


A Formula To Write Your Own Script

I've spent over a year of working 1:1 with estheticians to learn the topics they have the hardest time knowing what to say. If you need a script that isn't in the eBook, I teach you my step by step formula to write one for your business.


Copy & Paste

Each script is written with you in mind! Just add the name or change a small detail (price, website, etc) and your script is ready to!


It's so easy to use

Keep this ebook on your phone so you can always have it whenever a tricky situation comes up!

We've all been there. You want to charge your client for cancelling late but you don't you're afraid of coming off unkind and rigid.

Your client messages you after a treatment saying they're having a reaction. You panic, and don't know how to respond.

Your new acne client is purging and losing hope and you are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

These scripts have been tested over and over again - in my acne business at BLH Beauty as well as with my 1:1 esthetician clients.


The Scripts: 

  • Client doesn't want to change their diet
  • Client hasn't given up dairy /food /lifestyle
  • Client keeps rescheduling
  • Client can't get into your schedule and is frustrated
  • Client no shows
  • Client late cancels
  • Client is late
  • Client wants you to reschedule/ book for them in between appointments
  • Client doesn't want to come in for regular appointments
  • Client is purging
  • Client is having a reaction
  • Client is frustrated with their progress
  • Client is having an issue with their skin you haven't seen
  • Client is upset with every new pimple
  • Client doesn't believe their skin has changed
  •  Client has rebound acne
  • Client loves tanning
  • Client is experiencing hormonal acne (PCOS, pregnancy, etc)
  • Client questions every part of your program
  • Client doesn't want the whole routine
  • Telling a client you don't want to waste their time and money
  • Client ghosts you
  • Client wants to quit after a few weeks
  • Client isn't buying products regularly
  • Client wants a refund or a return
  • Potential Client asks for free advice
  • Client wants to work with you and a doctor
  • Client doesn't want to change their lifestyle
  • Client isn't doing their routine
  • New esthetician asking for business/ client advice
  • Client gets upset when you don't respond during your closed hours
  • Client's card on file doesn't work
  • You want to end the relationship with your client

A Note From Brittany...

I've been there too.

When I started my acne business in 2017, I was overwhelmed with the protocols, routines and client management. I didn't know anyone else who treated acne, and felt really alone.

Over time, I figured each part of my business out and grew a 6 figure business, helping dozens of clients clear their skin. (Click here for my before and afters).

 I decided that I wanted to help newer Acne Specialist grow their business with less stress and more confidence. 

The first step? Learning how to navigate tricky or stressful situations with your clients. I started writing these scripts for my esthetician clients and saw how truly powerful they were. I hope they help you in your business.