Become a Confident Acne Specialist!

*For NEW Acne Specialists Only - less than 20 acne clients!*

in just 8 weeks!

Without all the second guessing, uncertainty, and doubt!

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If you’re a NEW Acne Specialist, that isn't super confident clearing acne or looking to join a community of other Acne Specialists without the shame, embarrassment or challenges that you may face in Facebook Groups... then you need to join my Confident Acne Specialists Program, my 8 week Group Coaching Program!

Treating acne is complex, and it's not always as simple and straightforward as it seems. Routines, protocols, client compliance, pricing, organization, all of it can make an Acne Business very overwhelming. 

Please note: this is not for the Acne Specialist who has had 20 or more clients. This is for only NEW Acne Specialists.

By the end of our 8 week Group Coaching Program,

you will have…


  • The confidence to treat any type of acne - even if you haven't seen it before

    No Acne Specialist has seen it all - but it's possible to have the skills and framework to approach any acne client, so you can help them get results. (Important note: I won't be teaching about how to treat acne, but instead teach you have the confidence to use your current education to treat it. This is through mindset work and coaching)
  • A new way of approaching your consultations and follow up treatments

    You will learn my failproof framework that ensures you are only working with serious acne clients. 
  • The ability to troubleshoot anything that comes up in your business, not just protocols and client routines.

    So many unexpected things can happen while growing a business! You will be with other Acne Specialists who are in the same boat as you, facing the same struggles.
  • All of your clients on a routine from you

    Or least the clients you want to have on a routine.. ;)
  • A private community

    You will be part of a private group where you can ask any business, routine or acne related questions and get feedback from Brittany and the other group members.

Apply to The Confident Acne Specialist Program Today

3 Monthly Payments of


*Please note you will finish paying after the program ends.



A One-Time Payment of



Brittany has a way with her words. Everything she said during our meetings clicked instantly. That’s what really stuck with me during the program. Just listening to our videos again reminded me how much I need to believe in myself and put in the work. Everything she mentioned from client boundaries to believing in ourselves has changed how I view my business and myself. Brittany’s words made a difference for me. Very real and very motivating.  I loved hearing from other seasoned estheticians. I think having a lot of input from others has guided me towards betting myself and my business.Thank you Brittany for everything! Thank you for teaching me new things and teaching me to believe in my skills!

- Nayra Gill, Owner of Skinn Esthetics  


This coaching was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it.  A mindset shift that has made me more confident in my business and also less stressed and overwhelmed.  One of the best investments I ever made!!.. I would definitely do more coaching with Brittany. Truly valuable information and guidance.

- Shari-Kay Denise, Owner of Shar-Kay Beauty


I would do it 100x over! This course was priceless to me. The most valuable thing I have done for myself and my business was receiving coaching from Brittany! I was struggling to let my confidence shine in my business and Brittany knew exactly how to shift my mindset. I feel like I can take on the world now! The group coaching was so rewarding, Hearing other estheticians struggles and wanting to just hug them made me realize how hard we are really all being on ourselves. I feel such a sense of peace completing this course. Thank you. 1000/10.

- Brittany Wood, Owner of Soledad Mountain Spa


"My experience with this course and working with Brittany has not only opened my eyes but helped guide me towards a better and healthier direction not only for my business, but for myself as well. This course helped me simplify and organize the inner workings of my business for long term success in a way that wasn’t overwhelming or unrealistic.I have a new sense of confidence running my business and treating acne clients by trusting myself and my intuition. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who feels overwhelmed or has a loss of confidence treating their clients and running their business."

- Christina Silva, Owner of Christina Silva Aesthetics 


"I’ve always liked Brittany’s approach to owning a business and being an acne coach. She is hands down one of the best no BS coaches I have signed up with. Her coaching techniques are brilliant and she helps you know how to navigate client situations by yourself without having to ask anyone. She lets you know you’re in control of everything in your business from how you enforce your boundaries with clients, to how you take action when the clients don’t respect those boundaries. Brittany is my business therapist at this point because everything she says just makes so much more sense when I go to her for help. She asks you the why and you basically give yourself the answers but she gives you the resources and guides you to making those choices and decisions. She transforms your mindset totally and positively. I have not met anyone like her in this industry and I highly doubt there is. She’s such a great mentor to have and I will continue to support her and cheer her on."

- Sameerah AJ, Owner of Luxerapy 


"I'm so glad I joined Brittany's acne coaching program. She has put together a system that has helped me organize my acne bootcamp in a way that is simple for both myself and my clients. She is a wonderful coach who not only focuses on the business mindset, which is so important when running a business. 10/10 would recommend if you are looking for a business coach."

- Amy Salinas, Truly Beauty Esthetics Owner


"I signed up initially because the Confident Acne Specialist Program seemed to be a different coaching approach from the traditional acne programs I had participated in. I was not feeling confident in my acne program and was not happy with the progress I had madeI came to the program, recommended by a colleague, and with an open mind to try something new. In the early weeks of the program, I learned how to show up in my acne consultations and at that point, I felt like the program had paid for itself. Everything else that this program provided for me in the following weeks, went above and beyond what I expected. I learned so much from the shared experiences from the other professionals in the program and the coaching I received from Brittany. Thank you Brittany!"

- Diana Torres, Chula Esthetics Studio Owner


"I enjoyed being enrolled in Brittany’s Confident Acne Specialist Program. She encouraged us to talk through our day to day struggles while giving great feedback. Every call was helpful and insightful. Every class you received a fountain of knowledge! I definitely got some structure out of my acne business, and I felt more confident in approaching my clients. Especially learning to set boundaries which she is big on. There was so much reassurance that I received from Brittany, I highly recommend  for anyone interested to sign up for her coaching calls."

- Monica Vasquez, Glo With Mo Owner


"Brittany was so incredibly relatable and knowledgeable when it came to growing an acne business. I’ve been an aesthetician for over 15 years and wanted to really niche my business in acne but I was unsure about how to do that successfully. Her coaching has helped me realize my potential to grow my business, and set up a model for how to scale it in a way that allows me to still enjoy being in the treatment room. Every week was filled with thoughtful topics that related to struggles I was experiencing. Those 8 weeks have really propelled me to believe in myself more. By week 7 I took the leap and renting a new bigger space with plans to really take my business to the next level. And it’s thanks to everything I learned from Brittany’s Confident Acne Specialist Program!"

- Cecia Ferrin, CC Skin Studio Owner


What’s Inside The Confident Acne Specialist Program:

 Week 1:

Kick Off & Goal Setting

The first week you will learn the framework that we structure all of our coaching calls that will completely change the way you look at solving problems in your business. You will set a mindset goal and learn the first step to creating confidence in your business.

 Week 2:


You will have access to a recording of a mock consultation that I did; the step by step of my unique, no pressure easy consultation. You will get my New Acne Client Packet, a workbook on how to build your consultation and all of the handouts I give during my consultation.

 Week 3:

Client Compliance and Marketing

In the newly designed marketing workbook, you will learn everything you need to know about how to easily market in a way that feels authentic to you.

You will learn:

-how to identify and attract your ideal client

-how to identify barriers your clients may have to booking with you or getting results 

-how to build a relationship with you clients via social media

-how to avoid common marketing traps

-how to clarify your message

-many, many examples of easy and successful marketing ideas!

In addition, you will learn how to foster client compliance from the start of your relationship with your acne client - in your marketing.

 Week 4:

Client Boundaries

You will get a workbook to guide you into deciding on boundaries that feel good to you, not what you see other estheticians do. You will learn how to lovingly say "no" to clients and honor your business needs.

 Week 5:

Client Retention, Your Roles and Rebound Acne

You learn a new mindset to help you retain your clients - that isn't believing your clients always lie or don't want to do their part. You will fully embrace your role as an acne coach and feel prepared if your clients have rebound acne.

 Week 6:

Time Management and Business Systems

This week you will learn how to plan your weeks and days - in a way that is easy, fast and effective. You won't be overwhelmed with tasks anymore or feel like you don't get anything done.

You will create simple and easy business systems that will set your business up to support growth and more clientele

 Week 7:

Marketing Deep Dive

This week we will follow up on the marketing homework, deep diving into what has worked in and what hasn't worked in the weeks since the first training and creating a new plan.

 Week 8:


Have you thought about increasing your pricing but been afraid to do so? This week we examine your current pricing and decide on a price that is best for your business. We then create a plan for how you will change your prices, if you decide to do so.


Practicing Failure Workshop

One of the best ways to grow your business is to embrace failure is an essential part of it. In addition to the weekly trainings, weekly coaching and private community, you'll receive a workshop about how to embrace and move past failure. 

Money Back  Guarantee

I am know that after 8 weeks, you will have a completely different business.

If after the 8 weeks you feel that you aren't any further in your knowledge, confidence and business systems, you will get your money back!

You must attend all coaching calls and post at least once a week in the Facebook Group to ensure this guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

 for the The Confident Acne Specialist Program:

Apply to The Confident Acne Specialist Program Today

3 Monthly Payments of


*Please note you will finish paying after the program ends.



A One-Time Payment of


(it's $63 a week)


I can’t wait for you to join The Confident Acne Specialist Program!


When I started my acne business in 2017, I was overwhelmed with the protocols, routines and client management. I didn't know anyone else who treated acne, and felt really alone.

Over time, I figured each part of my business out and grew a 6 figure business, helping dozens of clients clear their skin. (Click here for my before and afters).

I wanted to create a program that was accessible, actionable, and could truly help newer Acne Specialist grow their business with less stress and more confidence. 

I can't wait to work with you!